Painting Your Window Blinds



You will need to clean your blinds thoroughly before you start painting them. Frequent wiping with a moist soft cloth should keep them clean. You can also wet them in warm soapy water and rinse with the shower head, placing them outdoors to dry.


Use window cleaner to clean marks on slats. Spray any individual slat and leave for a few minutes before cleaning off with a soft cloth. Before cleaning cloth blinds it is recommended to check first on an area not noticeable


Another way is to clean your blinds on a regular basis with a soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment, avoiding a build up of dirt. This can be done by lowering the blind down and closing the slats. With one hand hold the blind and vacuum with the other. This should avoid harming the slats.


With lots of splendid vivid fine shades, painting your blinds can be a very rewarding experience, adding color to your windows and rooms.


One idea to paint your blinds is to nail a strip of wood an inch or two in width across the end of a table, two tables will make two benches for resting the blinds on.


Place them just far enough apart so that the ends of the blinds will rest on the sticks on the ends of the tables. Lay the blind down flat and paint along the inside of the stiles and the sides of the slats near the ends. Turn the blind on one edge, and paint the very ends of the slats and smooth off the inside of the stiles and bars.


Now paint the slats and the adjusting rod and the last thing paint the stiles and bars. When the paint on the blinds is drying keep the slats open and do not put so much paint into the sockets of the slats as to prevent their being folded or adjusted easily.


You can now let your blinds dry overnight.





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