Cleaning Venetian Blinds


Cleaning your venetian blinds depends on many factors, ie. the kind of ventilation you use, the area you live in, the amount of people living at home, etc.


To keep your blinds clean and to avoid having to take them down on a regular basis for a more complete clean, dust them every couple of days.


Regular wiping with a damp soft cloth should also keep them clean.


Window cleaner can be used to clean stains on slats.


Spray any separate slat and wait a few minutes before wiping off with a soft cloth.


Before cleaning cloth blinds it is advisable to test on an unseen area first.


Another way is to clean your blinds on a regular basis with a soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment, avoiding a build up of dirt.


This can be done by lowering the blind down and closing the slats.


With one hand hold the blind and vacuum with the other. This should avoid harming the slats.


A more thorough clean of your venetian blinds is to take the whole fitting down, leaving the fixed hardware.


Half fill up your bath with warm water and some soap.


Soak your blinds in the water for approximately 30 minutes.


Then clean the slats on both sides with a brush.


Drain out the bath water.


Use your shower head to rinse off any excessive soap.


On a cool setting you can use a hairdryer for quickness to dry them.


It is recommended not to deep clean wooden venetian blinds, as the dampness may distort the wood.






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